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Anthony M. Freed

Infosec Island Network

♦ Director of Business Deveolpment

♦ Managing Editor

Anthony is a researcher, analyst and freelance writer living in beautiful Eugene, Oregon. Anthony founded Information-Security-Resources.com in 2008, and merged forces with the Infosec Island Network in January of 2010.

Infosec Island is committed to serving the needs of SMBs and mid-market enterprises across many industries, as well as nonprofits, government agencies and educational organizations and the infosec community at large.

Contact Anthony at afreed@wireheadsecurity.com regarding all aspects of business development, client and community relations. Many opportunities are currently available for business and strategic alignment.

Anthony also writes about the finance industry – particularly information security related topics – and is a fervent advocate of both freedom and accountability.

Anthony’s writing has been featured by leading Internet publishers including The Chicago Sun-Times, Business Week BX, Seeking Alpha, InvestorCentric, OpenSalon, TechPitch, Bear Market Investments, Alacra Pulse, ML-Implode, Reuters, and dozens more.

See Anthony’s interview with Venture Hype, Hong Kong.

ISR is also the exclusive news content provider for the Internet Security Alliance, the leading cyber security think tank and trade lobby which works closely with the United States Congress and the White House to shape national policy and legislation efforts.

Anthony has worked as a consultant to senior members of product development, secondary and capital markets from the largest financial institutions in the country, and he had a front row seat to the bursting of the credit bubble.


Business Development, Business Intelligence, Primary Source Research, Project Management, Custom Research, Reports, Writing, e-Publishing, Marketing, Network Security, Enterprise Security.

Photos © Anthony M. Freed All Rights Reserved

Professional Recognition:

  • “Anthony has the two things that are necessary for truly insightful and useful analysis of matters involving security and payment. First, he has an impressively deep box of sources with access to internal activities within payment. Secondly, he has the knowledge and experience to properly interpret these pieces of information, analyze them and not only report what they mean, but to take the next step and project what is likely to happen next. It’s what makes him an essential source.”  – Evan Schuman, Editor, StorefrontBacktalk (LinkedIn)
  • “As a researcher and a writer, Anthony possess the rare ability to both understand complex financial models and human nature which he leverages to sniff out the most interesting angles of any story. The speed with which he both obtains the latest breaking news and can eloquently write on the subject is impressive.” – David Leppek, VP Portfolio Management, First National Bank of Omaha (LinkedIn)
  • “Did Heartland CEO Make Insider Stock Trades? As several OSF volunteers were looking into this exact question today, turns out Anthony M. Freed beat us to the punch. Well done! “- Jericho, Opens Security Foundation (OSF) and DataLossDB.org (InfoSecNews.com)
  • “Many people were excited about the Hope for Homeowners program that was recently rolled out to help curb the growing number of foreclosures, and keep people in their homes. Unfortunately, as Anthony Freed points out in his blog post on Your Mortgage or Your Life, things did not quite turn out as planned.” – Editors (Chicago Sun-Times)
  • “Anthony is one of the most innovative and visionary individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Anthony develops fantastic strategies and moves them from concept and vision then ultimately a successful and effective implementation. Anthony is the personification of an “adverb”, he modifies actions and becomes a conjunction!” – Kevin Nixon, Owner & Sr. Principal, KMN, LLC (LinkedIn)
  • “Check out the quality and style of Anthony’s writing. He has a genius for gonzo and guerrilla marketing using web 2.0 tools and crisp clear writing. His ability to drive traffic and GOOD traffic to the HomeATM website is measurable and appreciated enough that I recommend his work unconditionally.” – Kenneth G. Mages, CEO HomeATM (LinkedIn)
  • “Anthony is a fellow blogger. I look forward to reading his posts, as information security, loss of privacy, and personal freedom seem even more important than ever. Anthony is on the front edge, and a valued resource to me.” – Bill Coppedge, SVP Mortgage Asset Sales, SunTrust Mortgage (LinkedIn)
  • “Anthony is one of those rare individuals who combines brilliant creative journalism with potent Web 2.0 marketing prowess. He positions his combined talents so eloquently that those who know him or have read his formidable array of compositions have no choice but to be genuinely impressed. I look forward to collaborating with Anthony on future payment security/information security projects in the future as I am convinced his vast array of knowledge, understanding and vision will result in top notch results. I have absolutely no reservations whatsoever in highly recommending Anthony.” – John B. Frank, Sales & Marketing, Editor PIN Debit Blog (LinkedIn)
  • “Hats off to Anthony Freed’s critical, direct and sagacious comments…Nowhere in the globe [have I come] across such a frank and logical step by step analysis as that of Anthony Freed…. A master class piece!“  – Professor S. Subramanian – Retired-Senior Executive, Reserve Bank of India (LinkedIn)

Information-Security-Resources.com Feature Articles by Anthony M. Freed:

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23 Responses to About Anthony

  1. Shari Miller says:

    Looks great Anthony, way to go!

  2. You rock Anthony. I am so happy for you. I really love the layout and the articles.

    Good luck with everything.


  3. Scott Wilson says:

    Site is looking better and better every day. Some very interesting stuff. Great in-depth coverage. Look forward to reading every day. GREAT JOB! Go get them.


  4. alicia says:

    can you help me with something?

  5. What would that be, I’ll see…

  6. tanisha says:

    Thank you for not biting your tongue and playing with all your cards “face up”. Everybody’s an expert but few are willing to stand for the “right thing” versus the “right now thing”. I stumbled across your article and knew that the media would never tell the “truth”. I “smelled” the stench of the rotting corpses in our financial system, but like the rest of the american public, I just couldn’t understand the “double talk” and trying to integrate Wall Street’s “secret code” into this whole mess just did for me what it was intended to do…shut me down. The sad part is that we did this all to ourselves. 9/11 has nothing on the type of self-hatred we embed in our working poor and now they (we) have no choice but to get screwed again … with no vaseline, no kiss good-bye. I’ve never felt more “pimped” in my life.

  7. Tanisha-

    You nailed it – that feeling you feel is just what they want us all to feel – marginalization.

    Ever since the social unrest of the 1960’s there has been a concerted effort by the entrenched powers to make sure the population of this country stays de-politicized and passive.

    Have you noticed the rest of the world still protests? All we have is a small contingent at the WTO, and most of them were from other countries.

    They have broken us with a false political polarization – Democrats and Republicans.

    Why do you think all the elections since Reagan are so close? They keep us divided by making us think we are divided by using issues where there is no obvious majority opinion, or where they can over-simplify the issue as to be insolvable by their definitions.

    Thanks for your insightful comments – hope you have time for more.


  8. Kevin says:

    I am a former mortgage broker (15 yrs) put out of business by the implosion. I along with a few lender friends recently started doing residential rehabbing buying the REO’s on homes that have fallen in value by as low as 60%. Most of the loans were option ARM’s, 5 yr Arms, Alt-A’s, sub-prime loans, etc. I enjoy this very much as it creates opportunities to create income lost due to the mortgage meltdown and we are providing affordable housing opportunities and getting investors a great return on their assets.

    I realized that many jobs are being lost due to the melt down and that banks that are laying off tons of staff. This economic bailout by Congress will put many back into the workforce that were let go. Getting these ailing loans to be sold on the market again seems to be the direction that the industry will be going. The servicing companies are now offering loan mods and loss mitigation thus additional servicing has been required to stop the bleeding.

    I recently was interviewed for an internal management position with a Fortune 500 loan servicing vendor that had created a start up to develop a home retention division. This company is now beginning to contract with major lenders to identify loans potentially at risk and work out solutions- loan mods, restructuring, etc.

    It was very exciting to hear of the prospects for job opportunties that suit my experience and background. The interview went well but we both agreed that it would be in our best interest if I was available for a marketing-oriented position rather that an in-house, technical role with their company.

    My question: Can you comment on this field and can you tell me where to start to look for a marketing position in this new industry? Preferably without having to relocate out of my home state Colorado.


  9. David Ward says:

    Thank you Anthony.

    I’m been searching all over for different pieces of information about the major problems with this bailout. While I’ve found a lot of information, it’s been in many places and there were still parts missing.

    With your site I’ve found those misisng pieces and all in one place.

    I can’t thak you enough for the work you’ve done. Keep up the excellent work.

  10. John says:

    I do not expect an answer, but hwo knows !?!?
    I feel like something very bad will follow, around February 2009 ! What would you recomand since you may know way more then we do ? What to do with money I have in a bank ? This FDIC who are saving as, looks a BIG fake and lies to me …

  11. Kevin – will email you

    David – thanks man, I am trying to help

    John – probably so, but maybe not

    thanks to all of you for your fine comments – they keep me going

  12. Anthony:

    You are on my Must Read list. Your analysis and knowledge is interesting and informative. I hope you don’t mind that I’ll be linking to you in a future blog post of mine.


  13. Black Star Ranch says:

    …nice site…..nice look……a young person with a brain…….nice concept……

  14. Lani says:

    I enjoy reading it & very impressive! I’m proud of you. One day you’ll be have your own program or show in FOX/CNBC. Anything is possible just like our new elected President. Way to go Anthony!

    – Lani

  15. Adonya Wong says:

    Accidentally bumped you on alpha. I didn’t know until I got to the real-time page. Sorry.

    Your blog if chock full of info. It’ll take me forever to read it all. :)

    Adonya Wong
    Author | Autism Advocate | Blogger

  16. jeff rense says:

    Hot on the heels of Congressman Jack Murtha charging the voters of western Pennsyvania as being racists who will probably hurt Barack Obama in that state comes the breaking news this evening that Murtha has cancelled a scheduled debate set

  17. […] Industry Takes Too Much and Gives Too Little December 1, 2008 by ADMIN · Comment By Anthony M. Freed, Editor – Information Security […]

  18. […] System Vulnerable to Sabotage December 19, 2008 by ADMIN · Comment Feature Article By Anthony M. Freed, ♦ ISR Financial […]

  19. […] the big banks and mortgage lenders had to have done some sort of analysis of these POA loans (I know Anthony did when he worked for them, whether the executives ever really read them I don’t […]

  20. Anthony,you deserve more than you got.Thanks for the information given in this report.I loved its pictures.

  21. john says:

    Great site Anthony, What are you thoughts on the UK housing market. It a real joke that prices are being kept artifically high in UK.

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