Conspiracies and Headlines – What’s the Difference?


Here is a a collection of today’s best in far-out and conspiratorial theories surrounding financial nationalization and the surrendering of our democracy.

If you like conspiracies, you’ll love this.  If you want only straight news, believe it or not, you’ll love this too.

Across the board, the sentiment is the same everywhere:  People are really ticked.  Even Wall Street has woke up and realized the problem is a lot bigger than anyone is ready to admit – except the authors of the following articles.

Imagine the scoffs and indignation just the mention of these items would elicit even six months ago.  Many good writers, analysts and others were chastised and even blackballed for committing any time or resources to such “nonsense.”

In the summer of 2007, I had an employer tell me I was “naive” and that I “read too many blogs” after I proffered that BofA would likely buy out Countrywide.  Glad I have witnesses for that one!

Now, after weeks of unprecedented developments in the financial world and days of the largest swings in the markets and commodities since the Depression, a lot of these old “conspiracies” are turning up as “headlines”. 

It’s little consolation and a sad vindication for those of us they called the “doom and gloomers” – believe me, I would really rather be paranoid than be right anytime.

So here is to all of those who were rejected for being a wet blanket when you warned of things to come, and even now get the evil eye from everyone at the office like this whole mess is somehow your fault for having known – Enjoy!

Fleecing What’s Left of the Treasury “The lobbyists and corporate lawyers, the heads of financial firms and the crooks who control Wall Street, all those who spent the last three decades assuring us that government was part of the problem and should get out of the way, are now busy looting the U.S. treasury.”

Bob Novak Thinks Prescott Bush Was A Liberal  “Paul Joseph Watson Prison Planet, Tuesday, July 24, 2007 – A BBC Radio 4 investigation sheds new light on a major subject that has received little historical attention, the conspiracy on behalf of a group of influential powerbrokers, led by Prescott Bush, to overthrow FDR and implement a fascist dictatorship in the U.S. based around the ideology of Mussolini and Hitler.”

Privatizing Profits and Socializing Losses: How the Rich are Staying Rich “And McCain is one of the asses who was so patronizing to Ron Paul during the debates, like he was some eccentric relation to be tolerated. Hey everyone, Ron Paul Called it All, and he is the only candidate to put forth specific plans to rescue our country from the Goldman Sachs controlled Federal Regulatory Agencies. They all work for Wall Street now – they have for years, and now you see the mess.”

America is now under dictatorship “Decisions by the Secretary pursuant to the authority of this Act are non-reviewable and committed to agency discretion, and may not be reviewed by any court of law or any administrative agency.”

Federal Reserve Directors: A Study of Corporate and Banking Influence “In 1914 a few families (blood or business related) owning controlling stock in existing banks (such as in New York City) caused those banks to purchase controlling shares in the Federal Reserve regional banks. Examination of the charts and text in the House Banking Committee Staff Report of August, 1976 and the current stockholders list of the 12 regional Federal Reserve Banks show this same family control.”

Proposed bailout plan is a giant money-laundering scheme  (With Video)”Having bought these securities for any price Mr. Paulson would like (and he can compel institutions to sell at his demanded price as noted above!) he can then sell those assets at any price he wishes, to anyone he wishes. It certainly is nice to be a “Friend of Hank”, and it most certainly sucks if you’re not.”

Bear Stearns’ Bailout by the Fed, JPM: A Century Old Conspiracy  “The bold effort the present bank had made to control the Government, the distress it had wantonly produced … arc but premonitions of the fate that awaits the American people should they be deluded into a perpetuation of this institution, or the establishment of another like it.” – Andrew Jackson, referring to the Second Bank of the United States.”

Financial Bailout: America’s Own Kleptocracy  “Overnight, the U.S. Treasury and Federal Reserve have radically changed the character of American capitalism. It is nothing less than a coup d’Etat for the class that FDR called “banksters.” What has happened in the past two weeks threatens to change the coming century – irreversibly, if they can get away with it. This is the largest and most inequitable transfer of wealth since the land giveaways to the railroad barons during the Civil War era.”

Conspiracy Watch: Goldman Spreads Its Tentacles  “Nonsense! I’m tired of reading about conspiracy theories on Goldman — they even surface in the Business section of The New York Times! Sure, the list of four of the last six former Goldman co-heads reveals a nice pattern.”

YOUR DOLLARS AREN’T MONEY, THEY’RE DEBT INSTRUMENTS  “”We are completely dependent on the commercial banks. Someone has to borrow every dollar we have in circulation, cash or credit. If the banks create ample synthetic money we are prosperous; if not, we starve. We are absolutely without a permanent money system…. It is the most important subject intelligent persons can investigate and reflect upon. It is so important that our present civilization may collapse unless it becomes widely understood and the defects remedied very soon.” – Robert H. Hamphill, Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank.”

Fannie Mae and the Vast Bipartisan Conspiracy  “The nearest thing to a license to print money. The companies borrowed money at below-market interest rates based on the perception that the government guaranteed repayment, and then they used the money to buy mortgages that paid market interest rates.”

Financial coup d’etat in the U.S. – Part 1 – Hello Feudalism  “In other words, the same individuals who wrecked the U.S. financial system are the very ones given the lucrative contract to “rebuild it.” Many analysts are predicting that hundreds of smaller banks and financial companies across the U.S. will go bankrupt in the coming period. Guess who will be swooping in to take over their business.”

Bush Administration Seeks “Dictatorial Power”  “Notice how everyone wants to rush this through even though it is the biggest financial crisis in history. One might think that something this big should be carefully considered but no… Bush says: “This is going to be a big package because it’s a big problem” and “We need to get this done quickly and the cleaner the better.”

Subprime Conspiracy Theory “This raises a potential conflict of interest regarding which subprime borrowers actually receive the assistance that the Subprime Bailout Plan is to provide because those whose mortgages are owned by SIVs or impact repayment on SIV assets could gain preference to aid the SIV Bailout Plan. I believe there should be a call for oversight and full transparency of this entire mess because there is the appearance of a potential conflict of interest here.”

Wall Street: The dark theory  “What if the reality is that the US economy has been a lot worse than was thought for a long time, and now the chickens are finally coming home to roost? That’s the dark thinking beyond what is known as “Pollyanna creep.”

Our Enemy, The State  “It [the State] has taken on a vast mass of new duties and responsibilities; it has spread out its powers until they penetrate to every act of the citizen, however secret; it has begun to throw around its operations the high dignity and impeccability of a State religion; its agents become a separate and superior caste, with authority to bind and loose, and their thumbs in every pot. But it still remains, as it was in the beginning, the common enemy of all well-disposed, industrious and decent men. — Henry L. Mencken, 1926. ”

Paulson Bailout Plan a Historic Swindle  “If Wall Street gets away with this, it will represent an historic swindle of the American public–all sugar for the villains, lasting pain and damage for the victims. My advice to Washington politicians: Stop, take a deep breath and examine what you are being told to do by so-called “responsible opinion.””

This crisis is no accident; it was premeditated and internationally agreed  “I discovered that the situation did not come about by accident but was actually conceived and planned by the International Banking Fraternity in Basel, Switzerland, in 1998. The tsunami of credit that burst onto the scene after this “Basle Accord” helped save America from a recession, enabled it to fund a war, sleep walked Europeans, politically, into the Euro Zone and attempted to copper fasten the artificial state called the European Union. This crisis is no accident; it was premeditated and internationally agreed. If you don’t believe the pre-meditation involved please read the quote below from the Wall Street Journal, Nov. 27th . 2007″

Who Is Running America?   “”I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies . . . If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] . . . will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered . . . The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.” — Thomas Jefferson — The Debate Over The Recharter Of The Bank Bill, (1809)”


15 Responses to Conspiracies and Headlines – What’s the Difference?

  1. TS Enigma says:

    put every silly little conspiracy theory to rest

    You’ve Gotta’ See This Site That Has A Lot Of Information Trying To Explain What Is Really Going On

  2. Great Link! Check it out, yo.

  3. Patrick Sullivan says:

    The power to issue money is the “Organizing principle,” 0f society.

    The Banksters have misused this money power to starve the population into submission, to allow them to foist their war machine upon us.

    They have built nuclear weapons with the intent to now exterminate us in total.

  4. richard says:

    all of them should be convicted of war crimes and crimes against humanity we do not need these crooks comercial banks we can issue script the states have the right to coin money and can do so at a moments notice do not believe the fearmongers.

  5. Dave says:

    For Intel, by Intel. You bet it is a money laundering operation. These days corporations doing black projects don’t have to disclose that portion of there business. The ToS could give the money away with no recourse in the courts, I don’t understand why the bill hasn’t been changed to abolish the Federal Reserve.

    It is the Titantic there might be boats for a few friends of Hank.

  6. bbestic says:

    All of this does happening in such a small amount of time certainly does smack of conspiracy. However, I believe it is just the falling away from traditional American philosophy that has been happening for quite some time.

  7. DZ says:

    Sadly, I believe worse (much, much worse) is yet to come.

    The big boys need to regain profits & control. World war, anyone?

  8. LZ says:

    I feel the exact same way.

    Just last week, I gave an attendant at one of my local Shell gas stations a copy of the video “Dark Secrets inside Bohemian Grove” and “Order Of Death” (both available for free on Google Video).

    Then yesterday he was all freaking out after watching them. I started explaining to him that Ba’al worship had never went away, just underground and into the hands of the most powerful and elite families.

    As I was leaving, him and his supervisor were just laughing at me like I was kook or something, even though he had just watched Ba’al worship by our county’s leaders on the videos I had recently given him.

    I mean… imagine watching our country’s political, banking, media and military industrial complex elite worshiping and sacrificing a human being in effigy to a forty foot statue of the Canaanite demon Moloch (aka Ba’al) in Bohemian Grove, then laughing at the person who just gave you the proof on hidden video.

    People never cease to amaze me.

  9. I am not big on conspiracies but after looking at the item summaries will read the rest of the articles to check further into your ideas.

    Ideas and Revolution – If you’re not outraged you’re not reading this blog

  10. Gracie says:

    Naomi Klein’s book, The Shock Doctrine is a must read.

    “I wrote The Shock Doctrine in the hopes that it would make us all better prepared for the next big shock. Well, that shock has certainly arrived, along with gloves-off attempts to use it to push through radical pro-corporate policies (which of course will further enrich the very players who created the market crisis in the first place…).”

    more at her site….

  11. rpm1122 says:

    Great, great site. Keep up the heroic efforts here. For an astrological perspective on Obama, Palin, Currency meltdown, go to

  12. DZ says:

    LZ, you freak me out. I had a similar experience, except I was on the receiving end. I was the only one present who was not laughing. I was horrified. Now, after years of research, I see them sticking it in our faces. Most people are too silly to see it.

    Example: when the pres gives his union address, have a look at the back wall. on either side, there is a fascia. These are out & out symbols of FASCISM going back to ancient Rome. They symbolise the freedom & spirit of the many suppressed & controlled by the few. This, in the supposed capital of ‘democracy’! We see it every day yet no one notices!

    Ever heard of an ancient sun goddess Diana (among many other names) holding the torch of illuminated knowledge, to be held from & used against the ‘sheep’? see the Statue of Liberty – again, in front of our faces. these are two of literally thousands of examples. I beg of people – do some research & follow the facts – not what you’d like to believe!

    We are worse than sheep – sheep need someone to herd them. We keep each other in line by ridiculing & persecuting those who are ‘different’.

    I get called whacko by some. To them I say – there’s a good sheep. follow the others & behave yourself. Wait for that truck to come so it can take you away to eternal happiness.

    “We have to stop believing stuff just because we like the way believing stuff makes us feel. Feelings are not truth. Our future is fragile. So asking questions — especially uncomfortable ones — is part of our healthy process of figuring out how to react. Gaining information so you can make informed decisions is a patriotic act. Knowledge is power. Ignorance is not a virtue. Our ability to discuss and dissent and grow from the exchange is precisely what makes America a free country worth protecting.”

    Bob Harris

  13. Shagata Ganai says:


    The difference between conspiracy (theories) and Headlines is time.

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